About Nitin

Here I am. This is Me. There's nothing else I'd rather be!

An Architect by profession and a Designer at heart. Music, Salsa, Cooking, Traveling, Reading, Playing the keyboard, Talking and Walking.

And ofcourse, Photography.

A Nomad. They say Citizen of the Country of Longing. (Maximum City, Suketu Mehta)

Born in Raipur (Central India), studied for 11 years in a Boarding School in Ooty (South India), then a year in Rajasthan, then studied Architecture for 5 years in Bangalore, worked there for a year, a year and half working in Singapore, then my Masters in Strategic Design in Milan, Italy and now finally working in Shanghai! Seems like such a long journey, full of experiences & surprises - both good and bad!

20 years now.

Someone who believes in living each day as it comes. Not delving too much in the past or reading too much into the future. Just go with the flow if you have to fall anyway. Atleast this way you might just reach the sea!

I don't know how I got into photography. Some things appealed to me more than the others. And behind them the irresistable urge to capture it, preserve it. It was just instinctive, I guess. I've never planned a shot. Candid. Spontaneous. Going with the Flow. That's more Me. Or may be it's just the age old link between Architecture and Photography.

Now here in Milan, I also work once in a while with the Italian Photographer, Claudio Bonoldi - an inspirational figure all the time - for someone who can be so good and so humble. It's been a great experience.

Would love to have absolutely any feedback from you guys. Tips, suggestions, or just comments.

And I shall end with one of my favorite phrases, from the book, the Kite Runner.

For you a thousand times over!

Photography Equipment

Nikon D90
18-105mm lens
50mm 1.8 lens